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February 1st, 2008

My loving mum lost her battle with melanoma on June 18th, 2007, aged 56. She had a red spot which looked like a bite removed from her back a couple of years ago. She was given the all clear and went on with her life. Then in September 2006 she was getting pain in her side which she thought was a strained muscle, this turned out to be a large tumor on her liver. There were also small tumors developing on both her lungs. Stage 4 melanoma. I remember this day like yesterday when our lives would change forever. At this stage it was really too late for anything, after a couple of unsuccessful treatments she was adviced the disease was too aggresive and any more treatment would just make her more ill. The tumors continued to grow and spread ending up in her brain. She chose to live out her time with her two children aged 28 and 24 at the time. Seeing this awful disease destroy a healthy person and someone who wanted to live on so badly is very difficult and sad. We now live on in her memory, the awareness and early detection of this disease is vital for our future.  - Liz

January 3rd, 2008

So far I am one of the lucky ones!! I developed my first melanoma at the age of 21. I happened to be at the doctors for a virus and asked the doctor to check a mole that was a little sore when drying myself with a towel, next thing I knew I was in the Austin Hospital having an operation. Again at the age of 35 my children came home from school with their newsletter asking all parents to check their hair as there were some reported cases of nits. Just hearing the word 'nits' I started itching so I asked my husband to check my hair as well, he noticed a brown spot on my head and said I should have that checked, the next day I went to my regular hairdresser for a trim and she also noticed the spot and commented she'd never noticed it before. Straight to my dermotologist and the diagnosis was another melanoma. That was successfully removed and I'm now 43. I still have 6 monthly check-ups for my entire body, and am very careful outside etc. I met Emily's Mum at the Yarra Glen market and could see how passionate they were with this foundation. I hope to attend the Williamstown walk in March.- Alison

December 11th, 2007


My husband was diagnosed May 2004 level IV melanoma. Secondary lump appeared the day before our daughters wedding 2005. It had gone to lymph nodes as well and all removed. Oct 2007 is now in his liver. You just can not explain to people how melanoma can just take over. My husband still looks OK and you would not know how sick he is inside. Our daughter is due to have our first grandchild in April and this is what he is aiming for and we pray to god that he gets past this date and can see his grandson more. It is very hard to talk to anyone about your feelings as it then seems as if you are giving into the melanoma and I fight this with all my heart. At the moment we are having a battle with insurance companies who seem intent in bogging you down with paperwork. It affects all parts of your life that you could not even imagine - mentally, physically and financially. All you want is to give your loved one quality time for what they have left. - Robyn


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