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27th February 2008

Hello to all the people, family and friends who are dealing with Melanoma. I had a mole on my back for most of my life and for years all my friends used to say "Have you had that mole checked " and almost everytime I went to the doctor over a 20 year period I would ask the question and the answer was "It is fine". Then a couple of years ago I notice that the mole had actually gone and there was just a large white area where the dark mole had been, but because of all the times I had asked the question I just let it go. Then in 2006 I sat down in my armchair one night and my back just felt a bit sore, so immediately I got out of the chair and headed straight to the doctor, who diagnosed it as a Sebaceous Cyst, which he said would be a day surgery procedure to remove and as I had no Private Health Cover I was put on the waiting list at a Public Hospital so I waited and waited this was June 2006 so in February 2007 I rang the hospital and enqired where I was situated on the waiting list and low and behold I was told that I had not been put on the waiting list, but within 4 weeks I was admitted to hospital to have my diagnosed Sebatious Cyst removed, then a couple of weeks later when I went back for the result of the biopsy I was then told that it was Melanoma. Well there was no poor me as I was a sun lover from about the age of 15 to 40. So I was sent to Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre for a top to toe check over for any hot spots and yes you guessed it - the Melanoma had spread to my liver so within a month I had a Liver Resection it has been 10 months since my operation I am back next week for another round of CT Scans for the brain and liver area. I hear all the time that the brain is one of the more likely places for Melanoma to move to, but I keep telling them there is no brain there for it to connect to. I have learnt so much about this terrible disease and if we can get the message out there and save some lives then all is not in vain. I would give my life for someone so young as Emily, I have lived for twice as many years and have seen my family grow and have grandchildren, I have had something called life. It is a life that with all my might I am still going to fight for and keep positive and mentally strong and keep the immune system stocked up with as much ammunition as possible. Who knows if my outcome would have been any different if I had not been lost in the hospital sytem for 8 months. I recommend that you follow up all the time do not leave your lives entirely up to the medical profession although I have had the best of surgeons and care through Peter Macallum Cancer Centre. Guys, life is for living so let's give it our best shot and get the word out. My prayers are with you all, God Bless. Regards Jan  

21st February 2008

Hi Louise! Mum might have mentioned I am currently living in London with lots of my Aussie friends. My friend (and housemate) Gemma has just returned from holiday in Melbourne and brought back a copy of Australian Marie Claire. Just been reading it and unexpectantly came across Emily's article - thought you might like to know your message is spreading to London and beyond! There may not be much sunshine over here at the moment, but lots of my Aussie friends are over here and we've all grown up in the harsh Australian sunshine (and quite often holiday in sunny locations). I have routine checks on my skin (got another appointment on Monday in fact) and upon hearing Emily's story, many of my friends now do the same. Just wanted to send you this email as encouragement for the wonderful work you are doing in raising awareness. Send my love to Geoff and Andrew too. Thinking of you all... Lucie Dods PS. The website looks fantastic!!!  - Lucie


2nd February 2008


Dear Louise, My name is Justine, when I knew yourself and Emily I was Justine Todd. We danced together at electric dance connection. I was reading marie claire when I came across the article about Emily. I was so very sad to hear the news of Emily's passing. I just wanting you to know that my mum Lorna and I are thinking of you and your family. I think what you are doing is so wonderful and so very brave. I will always remember Emily as a happy, bright and very kind and friendly person. With Love Justine

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